Banbros over the years has specialised in fabrication of bus and coach bodies and is one of the leading bus & coach manufacturers in the East African region. We are proud to have substantial market share and one of our major targets is to venture into the larger COMESA market in the future. 

Our Leadership position in the Bus and Coach industry has been established through long term investment programs in research and development,acquisition and implementation of modern and efficient production strategies that also highly prioritise passenger transport safety and professional customer service efforts within the east african region has allowed us to sustain the market leading position.

Over the past years, Banbros has been proud to provide a large clientele with a vast range of products because our 200 strong workforce is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products in the region. Seeing our employees as the most valuable asset, Banbros has highly prioritised in ensuring that staff is routinely provided with the best possible training programs available.  

Surely, the best employees in the working environment aren't capable of being productively efficient without the right tools to complete their tasks; Hence Banbros has committed itself to regularly update and maintain its range of machinery and equipment to ensure that production is more efficient and innovative. 

By utilising an intensive programme of research and development Banbros is aiming to ensure that body fabrication is more standardised through the construction of modern Jigs and Fixtures that will guarantee more consistent quality products.

Presently, Banbros is a Member of:

KAM (Kenya Association of Manufacturers)

KABM (Kenya Association of Bus Manufacturers) 

KEBS- Our products comply with the Kenya Bureau of Standard quality requirements.

Our Story

   Circa 1980's- Sarwan Singh Bansal ltd details

Parent Company-  Sarwan Singh Bansal Ltd was established in 1957 in Nairobi, Kenya. The humble beginnings saw the company steadily grow with the increase in both domestic and regional demand for passenger transport and truck haulage.

The sudden demise of the founder at the age of only 56 years left a huge void which at the time seemed impossible to fill, as his heir Mr. M.S.Bansal was only 19 years old. With great courage and determination he took the reins of the company and has today evolved the company into one of the leading Bus & Coach Manufacturers in East Africa. 

Subsequently, Banbros Limited was incorporated in 1990 and started its operations in 1993 with a workforce of 50 people. In 1999, the construction of a new assembly plant was embarked upon and currently Banbros Limited operates from its state of the art workshop, which is second to none, other in this part of the world.

The company has a highly empowered workforce of over 200 people with various skills. Most of the employees are regularly trained in house and also by external trainers from India, South Africa and Europe.

Looking To The Future

Currently, Banbros is leading the way in terms of market presence, innovation and business practices. With an aggressive mentality and an ability to continually venture into new markets, Banbros is destined to be the largest Bus and Coach Manufactures in Sub-Saharan Africa.

However, In order for Banbros to continually extend its current market leading position and pioneer the way forward, as achieved in the past. We have outlined target goals, proposed long term investment plans and visions that are designed for us to focus and fulfil our future ambitions.

 Lately, we have embarked upon the process of expanding our current factory. After meticulous feasibility studies and sound planning, the decision of  pursuing this project was approved and it is forecasted to increase process control, accommodate more sophisticated equipment and double our current production capacity.  The architectural plans and approvals have been finalised and the construction has been initiated. 

The photos below show our expansion site which is ideally situated behind our current existing factory.